COVID-19 Updates

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Please see the following information about the operation of university-wide business offices during Phase 3 of Restore Illinois and how to contact them.

Accounting Services and Accounts Payable

  • We are working remotely and regularly checking and responding to email and voicemail. If you have questions, please reach out to your usual contacts or Charlie Cox.
  • Our campus mail is being processed once a week.
  • Currently, checks are being printed/mailed on Tuesdays.  Electronic payments are being processed on the same schedule as they were prior to COVID-19.
  • Invoice Distribution Forms (IDFs) and Invoices related to Purchase Orders can be emailed to Accounts Payable or submitted via campus mail.
  • Travel reimbursement requests may also be sent to Accounts Payable. We will suspend the 60-day deadline for submitting requests until further notice.
  • To help avoid duplicate transactions, please do not mail hardcopies of any documents that you’ve scanned/emailed to Accounting Services for processing during the COVID-19 situation.

Budget Office

  • We are working remotely and will continue to enter budget allocation adjustments (BAAs).
  • FY21 budget development is in process and the original non-state budget application is expected to be open in July for data entry.  State budgets will be loaded with the FY20 projected budgets and will be adjusted using BAAs at a later date, depending on state appropriations and enrollment.
  • Questions should be directed to Julie McReynolds.


  • We are working remotely to process electronic payments, such as credit card deposits and student payments.
  • We are regularly checking and responding to voicemail and email.
  • Departments needing to make a deposit should contact Jill Kirkpatrick for assistance.

Campus Mail and Central Receiving

  • Both offices will continue to receive and process mail but there will be no on-campus delivery.
  • All deliveries from UPS, FedEx and other services will be made to Central Receiving and not directly to campus offices.
  • Campus mail services is open on Tuesdays and Fridays from 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.  If you need to pickup campus mail at another time, please call 453-5348 to schedule a time to pick it up.
  • Campus mail services should not be used for non-university business. Employees who may have personal items that have been sent to their campus offices must wait until offices reopen to receive them.

Custodial Service and building maintenance

  • We will respond to emergencies as necessary. Please email the Facilities Operations Center or call 453-3621 in such instances.
  • Cleaning and trash removal services will continue to be provided to essential areas only, such as residence halls, the power plant, and the Department of Public Safety. If you think your area is essential, you are approved to be on campus, and you require services, please contact the Facilities Operations Center.

Employee and Labor Relations

  • We are working remotely and regularly checking and responding to emails and voicemails. Emails may be sent to Lori Foster, Tracy Bennett or Labor and Employee Relations.
  • The deadline for annual Administrative/Professional performance evaluations has been extended to June 30, 2020.
  • The deadline for Civil Service evaluations has been extended by 90 days.
  • Questions reguarding evaluations for Civil Service employees currently working in a probationary period should be directed to Labor and Employee Relations.

Human Resources

  • Human Resources staff continue to work remotely while regularly checking and responding to email and voicemail.
  • Employees will be paid as expected and on time.
  • Email notifications are being sent to department representatives for appropriate timeframes to enter student payroll or bi-weekly time. If you need assistance with time entry, please contact  Vicky McLaskey and Amy Auton.
  • Fringe benefit reports are being sent electronically, if questions send email to the appropriate fringe benefit representative.
  • Employment staff members are continuing to review applications through HireTouch. Civil Service testing is suspended at this time. Positions waiting for the names of candidates to interview will be scheduled at a later date. Employment questions may be directed to your usual staff contacts or Human Resources.
  • Orientation information for new employees is being emailed to them.

Procurement Service

  • Procurement officers are working remotely and regularly checking and responding to email and voice mail.
  • Purchase requisitions should be sent to Procurement Services for routing to the appropriate buyer.
  • Procurement staff can assist with paying vendors using their high limit p-cards. If you have questions, please contact Debbie Abell.
  • The daily limit for all p-cards has been raised to $9,999.99, from $4,999.99, to help facilitate purchases during this time. Accordingly, the purchase requisition limit has been raised to $10,000, effective immediately.
  • Orders to Office Depot should be limited at this time only to essential supplies.
  • To help avoid duplicate transactions, please do not mail hardcopies of any documents that you’ve scanned/emailed to Procurement Services for processing during the COVID-19 situation.

Property Control

  • We have requested and received an extension of the deadline to submit the annual equipment inventory to the state. The new deadline is July 1. We will reach out to departments that have not already submitted inventories to coordinate their submissions under the new deadline.
  • We are working remotely and continue to evaluate and assign tags to be placed later on newly acquired equipment items.
  • We understand that there is currently an increase in the off-campus use of SIU equipment. We ask each department to keep track of “who has what.”
  • Any questions may be directed to Property Control.


For COVID-19 related expenditures, please use the Departmental Activity Code 1 (DA1) of 29999 when costing p-card purchases and Invoice Distribution Forms (IDFs) to your normal departmental Budget Purposes.