Fiscal Officer / Delegate Overview

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Account Maintenance
Establishing a New Budget Purpose or Unit, Maintaining and Existing Budget Purpose or Unit

Administrative Information System (AIS)
Access AIS

AIS User Account Information
New User Access to AIS, Change or Revoke and Existing AIS User's Access, AIS User Account Responsibilities, Temporary Delegation of Fiscal Officer Authority

Cash Handling Guidelines & Internal Control Recommendations
Cash Handling and Deposit Guidelines and Internal Controls Necessary for Protecting Departmental Cash Collections

Change Fund Procedures
Procedures to Request Change Funds for the Purpose of Making Change for Sales and Services

Look Up the Accounting Flex Field Values for a Specific Budget Purpose, Look Up All Budget Purposes Within a Unit, Look Up All Budget Purposes by Unit Description, Look Up All Budget Purposes by Fiscal Officer, Full Unit Listing Containing Units With Their Description and Unit Officer

The Accounting Flex Field Values Include: Unit, Fund, Function, RAMP Code, Budget Purpose Description, Unit Description, Unit Officer, Fiscal Officer and Account Type

Financial Review Checklist
Document the Departments Review of Financial Reporting Tools

Fiscal Officer / Delegate Inquiry & Reporting Guide
Training Document for New Fiscal Officers and Delegates

Foundation Services SIU Foundation Contacts, Forms and Policies, General Training, Help Documents, Information Requests, Scholarship Administration, Solicitations, System Login

Managing Your Financial Account
Look Up a Budget Balance, Look Up a Cash Balance, Look Up Federal Work Study, Run an Account Analysis, Run Fiscal Officer Reports, Search Object Code Listing, Search Department Activity 1 Listing

Managing Your Financial Account Using SQL Scripts
Cash Balances by Budget Purpose, Fund or Unit, Fixed Asset Inventory, Transactions by Budget Purpose, Various Listings

Managing Your Grant Account
Award Overview, Account Setup, Modify My Project, Subawards, Time and Effort Reporting, Complete My Project, Transfer My Project

P-Card System
Access the P-Card System (PAYMENTNET IV)

Planning and Budget Information System (PLABIS)
View Daily Balances by Line Item